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Corporate Governance Services in Melbourne CBD

Accosec is a corporate governance and company secretarial specialist.

We manage the regulatory and corporate governance environment of a company, allowing the Board and senior executives to:

1) be more effective and efficient;

2) focus on strategic and operational activities; and

2) access skilled and professional governance professionals.

With over 25 years experience in chartered secretarial, governance advisory, financial management and provision of nominee director services, Accosec continues to work with a wide range of public and private companies in Australia and abroad, across diverse business sectors including resources, energy, agriculture, property, media & entertainment, environmental, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, education and government organisations.

We have worked with over 50 ASX listed companies Australia wide, at all executive levels, to improve corporate governance practices and standards, providing specialist skills, experience and knowledge in governance, company secretarial and financial management services.

Accosec is your partner in governance!

What is Good Governance.

Risk and Governance is not a corporate handbrake.

It is a framework to preserve value and guide sustainable growth.

The company, its people, and business partners are encouraged to engage and innovate.

Lerverage core competencies and resources, provide better products and services, undertake strategic planning, have clear communication and continuous improvement.

That's Good Govenance!


About Accosec

As the Australian regulatory environment continues to become more complex, organisations must ensure that governance and compliance requirements continue to be met.

Accosec provides an outsourced professional consulting and advisory function; we are hands-on operatives, working with Directors and management to ensure your organisation complies with its governance and regulatory requirements.

Accosec offers experienced professionals in Chartered Secretarial and Corporate Governance services, managing the compliance, risk and governance platform of your organistion.

Governance professionals providing a cost effective service

Company secretary Melbourne CBD Melbourne

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What We Do?

With more than 25 years experience in specialist corporate governance services, Accosec provides:

  • Company Secretarial and Board support services
  • Corporate Governance advisory services
  • Financial and management account reporting services
  • Australian nominee director services
  • Compliance document preparation
  • Specialist corporate actions


Governance and compliance support services to assist your organisation

Corporate governance Melbourne CBD Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

Years of experience

More than 2 decades of experience ensuring businesses meet full compliance whilst achieving their potential

Complete Services

From corporate governance and financial services to bookkeeping and chartered secretarial services

A team of experts

We ensure you meet your corporate, regulatory and statutory compliance requirements

We have an excellent reputation providing specialist corporate governance services in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Our proficiency, skill and expertise is due to our depth of experience.

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